Our secret Fractal treatment lowers the DC resistance of the copper by up to 12%
4,000m in our preamp alone
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Worth the Wait: Fractal Speaker Cable

To make a set of our Fractal Speaker cables from start to finish takes a skilled craftsman two working days.
It takes time, care, and skill to arrange the flat ribbon, fully insulated soft copper strips, aligning perfectly, and embedding it within an acoustically dead, silicon rubber layer that enhances the performance and increases its durability.
Fractal speaker cables are custom made to order. Due to its unique design and construction requirements, it is impossible to mass-produce this particular type of cable topography. This is quite unlike many other manufacturers who merely dress a cut piece of a standard roll of cable expensively.
When our cable is sent away for Fractionization processing, it will take a day to prepare the wire on bobbins to be processed at great expense. However, sacrificing time and effort yields astonishing results and gives all Townshend products a performance edge over fellow audio designers. Fractal treatment is a proprietary process developed by Townshend Audio that involves deep cryogenically treated copper and a further an as-yet-undisclosed metal treatment that changes the crystalline lattice structure of the copper, imparting an almost mystical property to music reproduction when resolving the finest of details in your system taking you deeper into sonic truth.

Geometry and Dampning

We took the original Isolda geometry and embedded it within a synthetic silicon rubber to rid it of its internal noise.

External deleterious vibrations are also prevented from entering the cable, preventing the conductors from vibrating with respect to each other. This time-consuming process requires precision conductor placement within cable enclosures poured and filled with unique damping material and takes many days to manufacture from start to finish.

As a result of this unique geometry and Fractal treatment, F1 cables are not directional.

A note on using elevators: The F1 is a very flexible speaker cable. However, it is not equally flexible in all directions because it is a ribbon. This makes it friendly with cable elevators because the cable bends the direction you want it to go but has a little more stiffness, so it does not sag between the elevators. Also, the pigtails are incredibly flexible in all directions at either end, amp or speaker. These features make F1 particularly well suited to use with cable elevators.  

How the F1 Fractal Speaker cable was born

At Townshend Audio, our mission is to make the most transparent, revealing and uncoloured audio products imaginable.

To achieve this, we integrate some of our unique concepts into the bespoke construction of audio cables. Together these are guaranteed to transform your listening experience.

It is some years since we took the Hi-Fi world by storm when we pioneered Enhanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment (EDCT) audio cables. But unfortunately, these were so effective that they were copied across the industry, with no acknowledgement of our innovation and initiative.
However, we have taken a further step forward and developed Fractal-Wire. This enables us to provide a connection that deliverers the characteristic of absolute silence and unbelievable purity and leave our rivals floundering in our wake.

Initially, we incorporated Fractal-Wire into our components’ signal connections and transformers, but now we are additionally supplying F1 Fractal-Wire interconnects after analysing the benefits of our ongoing listening experiments.

Most cables merely change the balance of a system. However, at Townshend, every one of our cables has been developed to furnish maximum transparency with minimum character. They are a surefire way of revealing much more when installed into a well-balanced system. Your set-up will deliver deeper bass, more open midrange and greater treble sparkle.

You will not believe your ears! Hearing detail within detail. that’s why we decided to call this Fractal cable! It was like Fractal Sound.

Inspired and informed by cable visionary Shin Edo and his revolutionary design from 1979, the Townshend Isolda and F1 follows the fundamental breakthrough concepts that allowed Edo to produce a cable with a natural quality in sound reproduction never before achieved using Impedance matching as the vital ingredient.

When the cable was premiered in the UK and heard by Max Townshend, he recalled it to finding the 

“Holy grail in cable design”

The utter naturalness of this topology floored him, realising that all other cables were adding a subtle veil and hash to music due to their inherent floors in geometry. Max hypothesised this subtle hash was being added by micro reflections that all other cables will inevitably add if the principles of impedance matching are ignored.

Max Townshend spent the subsequent years devising a way that he could explain and show this phenomenon to the Audio world. He would achieve this through the Youtube videos and Cable Paper he published.

Edo’s cable fell into obscurity thanks to the Hi-Fi politique of the day in the UK and their propensity to blow up unstable amp designs that were popular. In the years that followed, Max devised a way to avoid the incompatibility with this unstable amplifier design and produced a cable that is now known as Isolda. and F1 Fractal speaker Cable. 

Notes on Impedance matching

Impedance matching explored fully in Analysis

Surpassing the performance of the Isolda cable was only possible with our discovery of the Fractal metal finishing process. Unfortunately, fractal treatment remains a closely guarded proprietary secret.

This Fractal Treatment (FT) is one of the main differences from our original Isolda Speaker cable

Fractal takes deep cryogenically treated copper further into sonic truth with an as-yet-undisclosed metal treatment that we suppose changes the crystalline lattice structure of the copper, imparting an almost mystical property to music reproduction when resolving the finest of details in your system. Like DCT, yet much more sophisticated and effective, it improves conductivity at the atomic level. As a result, it enhances the listening experience and is guaranteed to please those who are only completely satisfied when exploring every avenue available when pursuing the finest sounding cables on the planet. Its discovery drove the immediate resolve to apply FT metal in all our components finding that it imbued a performance edge like no other experienced before.

One big step further.

For those wishing the maximum amount of sonic purity, we recommend using Fractal Interconnects and speaker cable together with our Allegri Reference Preamplifier that incorporates more than 4000m of Fractal treated wire in the transformers for the actual state of the art sonic performance.



Two flat insulated strips precision spaced achieve optimal impedance characteristics to match the widest range of speakers

Fractal Enhanced Copper


Changes the lattice structure of copper at the atomic level creating the finest sounding cables

Impedence Matching

8 om

Eliminates reflection and ringing that distorts and colours the sound

F1 Fractal cable will sound the same regardless of cable length meaning unequal lengths can be used in any system

The longer a cables run the more its sound will change if it is not impedance matched

It was without doubt about the best thing I have ever added to my system. It took away a kind of hash and there was a real body and depth to the sound that was previously not there. It is exceptionally detailed but not cold. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Townshend however is my favorite speaker cable and interconnect, by far, not even close.
“Oh man, I only had to listen for a few minutes and I bought them. They had all the clarity and detail of the HFC but added the most amazing richness to it, a real holographic 3D deep texture to the sound, and incredible controlled and extended bass. And I had never understood the meaning of the Hifi term ‘black background’ before hearing the F1 speaker cable.I can’t recommend the F1 highly enough.”
My cables were delivered today (also got the Fractal XLR interconnects) and things sound pretty good out of the box. The Fractals definitely took the sharp edges off of my system which was using Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8’s.

Impedance matched Vs non-impedance matched

V4-110122_2 (1)

Cables are transmission lines, and as such they will generate reflections if not terminated by their characteristic impedance, i.e. the cables themselves must match their loudspeaker load. The resulting Isolda cables will result in no reflected music and just pure music.

When you do not match the impedance you will hear reflected music. It will sound bright and edgy, especially in complex music.


square wave in square wave out

Matched impedance will preserve signal and result in clearer sound


sign wave oscillograph

measure the voltage drop between one end of the cable and the other to see if there is any added distortion

non-impedance matched cable

Distortion of sound

Not matching the cable impedance to the speaker impedance will result in this ringing, which will color, smear and brighten the sound.

Retained square Wave results

A perfect cable will show as a straight line (TOWNSHEND) if it rises there is an error.

The Proof

To prove the sonic purity of the Townshend cable a cable distortion machine was developed to show the effect of reflections. A simple test measures the voltage drop between the amplifier and speaker ground with white noise, (or music) for a selection of various speaker cable geometries. A full and comprehensive evaluation of this cable theory is found here in Analysis.

What our critics say:


Read their review
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Read their review
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Read their review
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the noise floor is the lowest I've ever heard and music emerges in a sometimes quite shocking manner from absolute dead silence. The 6Ds appear to do nothing to add any flavour to the mix. What you do get is a level of insight into the music that is above what any other cable I've heard can do. The pinpoint focus within the soundstage is the first and most obvious sign of a classy cable. Next is the pin-drop level of fine detail. Finally, its dynamics are obvious but natural and not exaggerated. Headroom is significantly improved and the music doesn't become strained on peaks: for instance, Sade's voice in Why Can't We Live Together doesn't strain yet I can pick up a very slight croak when she's at full stretch. Timing is relayed extraordinarily well in both Steely Dan's Gaucho and Rosie Vela's Magic Smile. The soundstage is very well developed and makes my speakers image like very good small boxes, with the music being completely detached from them. This stands true for good analogue recordings like Dire Strait's Water of Love and Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. If it's dynamics you want, Alt-J's Dissolve Me gives it in spades. Finally, there is so much fine detail in Rickie Lee Jones' cover of Rebel Rebel that it's like listening afresh to something I know so well. TAS
Ronald Neely
I’m not a great believer in cables. They are not the sort of thing I enjoy reviewing. Differences are fairly small, and you have to listen long and hard for differences that may not be obvious in a blind test. Using the Townshend F1 Fractal speaker cable was a different ball-game. I have various sets of expensive cable in the house, which shall remain nameless, and having swapped in and out the various cables, it rapidly became apparent that what the F1 Fractal were doing was blindingly obvious, and highly significant. Listening to a Hi-Res recording of the 2nd Brahms Serenade, the F1 was removing a level of smudge and dirt from the music, the bass was tighter and cleaner, much easier to understand musically, but perhaps the largest difference was the 3-d chiselled soundscape they were creating. I could suddenly hear the layering of the orchestra, where the instruments were located precisely in space, and with such clarity. Changing back to the previous cables, the sound stage became completely two-dimensional, collapsed and it was as if my review system was no longer of a “high-end” persuasion. Changing to the F1 was removing the greatest block in the system, and was making the greatest difference.
Rafael Todes
- Allegri String Quartet Violinist
Listened longer and slowly raised the volume, and THEN, my L&R hemispheres clicked into place and THE ENTIRE 17' FRONT WALL was now the center image! Like some recordings expand the center so it comes out and wraps around your L&R like arms hugging you. But ALL the TIME! Like moving to the proverbial front row. It's nearly like having Dolby Atmos surround!It was the most sensational change I've ever made. And, no adverse impact to any other characteristics. It literally took an excellent system up a full step!
Customer Feedback
At Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Tower (AWA) Sydney, AUS. Max one of the first engineers to use theThiele/Small parameters.


Our Founder Max Townshend came from a communication engineering background, whose theories are firmly rooted in Telegraph line theory. His cable construction remains resolute, changing little over the thirty years of its manufacture. A pioneer for deep cryogenic treatment for metals in audio, Max worked tirelessly for the advancement of high fidelity sound. Discovering Fractal treatment for audio use redefines what is possible to achieve in music reproduction. “The treatment is expensive and time-consuming but I couldn’t do without it, it’s the most astonishing advancement in audio I have discovered to date!”

"Our understanding of Maxwells Equations is a huge advantage, and enables us to produce cables that obey the laws of electricity"


Inspired by Edo’s remarkable cable concept in the late 1970’s Max set out to take the design and performance to new heights. Exhaustive trials with many different materials and geometries have led to today’s outstanding results. To ensure even wider compatibility, Max has since put a network at each end to eliminate RFI and help certain amps that might otherwise have instability issues.   

Not only is the spacing of the lateral disposition of the conductors paramount, but their longitudinal relationship too. Precise spacing and conductor arrangement is critical to the electrical parameters of any cable. The accuracy and consistency of that geometry along the entire length of the cable is also absolutely critical.

Take a peek inside our Wire Wonderworld


Single pair Oxygen free

five-nines copper 


Mechanically well damped with synthetic flexible rubber 

High degree of protection from footfall and external vibration


Choice of black or white

Extruded polyester braid

Tough and practical


Solid strip PTFE dielectric encased by a loaded flexible cable conduit for ultimate protection


Mass loaded machined aluminum enclose RF terminating networks to eliminate radio frequency distortion

e.g above audibility to match loudspeakers in their upper range (3oohms)

Zobel network for used to protect unstable amps


Cryogenically treated wire is then further improved with the Fractal (TM) process

Distortion-free audio signal transfer

Ready to Try?

Still not convinced to buy Isolda? Then simply try our 28-day trial. Just let us know about your system and the length of cable you require and we’ll send you a pair to try. If after 28-days you’re still not convinced then send them back to us. We’d also appreciate a review – like this one from Graham:

“I would just like to thank you for your excellent products and truly excellent service. I really appreciated the opportunity to try out the Isolda Speaker cable, before purchasing. Both Isolda products are truly world class. It is a fabulous cable, very natural as well as revealing. It just sounds whole, without seeming to emphasize or recess any part of the frequency range. It also looks discreet and is nice to handle (unlike some others I have owned). The sound using Isolda to bi-amp Sugden A21a and A21p amps is fabulous – open, natural and controlled. There is no hint of sibilance or brightness, yet the sound is extremely detailed. I was interested to note, at the hi-fi show last weekend, that Sugden was using Isolda speaker cable and I/C to demo their new Masterclass amp, and they seemed very impressed with it. Also, I am still delighted with the Seismic Sink Stand and Speaker Stands I purchased earlier this year. They work consistently well in different environs. They are also well made, practical and look the business – even my partner is beginning to like them (well, so she tells me anyway!!!).”

Still not convinced to buy Interconnects? Then simply try our 28-day free trial. Just let us know about your system and the length of cable you require and we’ll send you a pair to try. If after 28-days you’re still not convinced then send them back to us. If you decide to keep them we’ll have a phone call with you to arrange payment. We’d also appreciate a review – like this one from Graham:

Ready to Buy?

Yes please send me a F1 Fractal Speaker Cables.

(If you have a problem specifying your exact requirement please give us a call Tel 44 (0) 208 979 2155)

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Townshend Audio is a British company that specializes in high-end audio equipment and accessories for music lovers around the world. The company has a reputation for producing some of the most innovative and cutting-edge audio equipment in the world, helping to set new benchmarks for sound reproduction and musical clarity.

Townshend Audio was founded by Max Townshend in 1975, who was driven by his passion and commitment to delivering the ultimate listening experience to his customers. The company initially started by making The Rock Turntable using a front-end damping trough filled with silicone fluid used to dampen the, which maximized the sound quality in recording studios. Max’s passion for creating the most realistic and detailed sound heard in music recordings extended to the home audio market, and he began to develop a range of products aimed at discerning audiophiles.

Over the past 50 years, Townshend Audio has continued to innovate in the field of audio technology, creating a range of groundbreaking products that have helped to redefine what is possible in the world of sound reproduction.

One of the most remarkable products Townshend Audio has produced is the Seismic Pod. These vibration isolation feet are designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations made by speakers, turntables, and other audio equipment. By isolating the equipment from the surface it rests on, the Seismic Pod helps to reduce unwanted noise and vibrations, resulting in a significantly improved listening experience.

Another standout product from Townshend Audio is the Rock 7 turntable, which features an innovative three-point suspension system designed to isolate the turntable from external noise and vibration. This incredibly advanced system produces an unmatched audio experience with unparalleled sonic accuracy.

The company also produces a range of other audio accessories and electronics, such as the Allegri+ passive preamplifier, which provides high-end audio performance in a compact and elegant design.

In addition to its innovative range of audio products, Townshend Audio offers its expertise in audio setup and technical support to audio enthusiasts worldwide. The company offers its customers personalized advice and recommendations on equipment selection and setup, ensuring you are getting the most from your audio equipment.

Townshend Audio stands out in the audio world for its unique blend of innovation, engineering, and a passion for delivering high-end audio experiences to its customers. With a range of products that consistently set new benchmarks for sound quality, Townshend Audio has cemented itself as one of the leading manufacturers of audio equipment in the world today.

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Geometry and Material
Fractal F1 Speaker Cable